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​My wonderful wife Pam and I were appointed to be pastors of LakeView Church of God in June of 1999. When we arrive with our three beautiful daughters, Heather, Hannah, and MacKenzie, we had no idea of the wondrous journey that God had laid before us. Not only has our family grown through the years with the addition of two son-in-laws and five delightful grandchildren; but we have been blessed to have developed many friendships and memories. Most of all, we have been blessed to watch God do great and marvelous things in and through the lives of so many people. We consider ourselves blessed to be in this spiritual journey with so many people of like precious faith. Pam and I are both licensed in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN). I have a masters degree in counseling and my wife has a masters degree in special education. She is a full time public school teacher to the Erie city children. She also leads our Praise & Worship Team and teaches an adult group on Sunday mornings.  ​ We believe this is one of the greatest churches a pastor can have the privilege to serve. The caring, loving, and giving people of this church inspire us to do our best for God's Kingdom. We are here to serve and lead our communities and we extend a warm welcome to all those searching for a place to belong.

Our Team

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